Digitize E-form

We convert paper forms to electronic ones, which means more durability and more ease of access

Digitize Flow automates your business processes to enhance the efficient management of your forms and allow proper flow of information. We Enable higher productivity and quality of operations. Accessibility via the web browser, e-mail as well as mobile devices.


Aside from eliminating the cost of printing, storing, and distributing pre-printed forms, and the wastage of obsolete forms, e-forms can be filled out faster because the programming associated with them can automatically format, calculate, look up, and validate information for the user.

Convert almost any paper form document in your organisational documentation process

We listen, we observe and analyze your business process to be able to draw the roadmap for each and every form of yours.

You can always look back to each edited version

Remotely access your form from anywhere

We can implement almost any type of data validation or conditional formatting to your e-form

Set lifetime for forms to delete or backup

We can easily set security levels and authorizations for view and edit as to your company’s hierarchy

Digital signatures use a standard, accepted format, called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), to provide the highest levels of security and universal acceptance

Instantly publish apps to the web or mobile

When done, get your app in people’s hands. Publish it to your organization—no app store required. Web and mobile. Laptops, tablets, and phones. Android, iOS, and Windows.

Our technologies

E-Form is easy now with Digitize Flow using SharePoint and Microsoft InfoPath to design a native e-form almost without code to