ITIL Training

From Foundation all along to Expert!

Training Overview

ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a globally recognized certification that allows IT engineers and professionals to manage all IT services in any environment. Because it’s flexible and scalable, more and more companies have realized the effectiveness of ITIL in enhancing and improving the IT service lifecycle as well as delivering business benefits.

As an IT engineer, ITIL is a must for you. To be able to work and perform well in any company, whether it’s a small firm or big corporate, you must gain the ITIL knowledge and learn to think about new ways to enhance customer satisfaction and contribute to the improvement of service delivery. And we can help you do that!

Digitize Flow has ITIL Expert trainers who dedicate all their knowledge and experience to help you learn and understand the ITIL process and the standard concepts and terminologies used in any IT service lifecycle. Starting from the basics in the ITIL foundation course, along the way to the ITIL lifecycle and up to the Expert level, our trainers are the best to help you gain a competitive edge in your career and become eligible to work in big organizations.

step 1

ITIL Foundation (Basic for all IT engineers)

The foundation course is the entry level certification in the ITIL framework and is a must for every IT professional. In this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the purpose, objective and scope of the ITIL lifecycle and learn to apply ITIL tools, techniques and concepts to improve efficiency and effectiveness in business changes. read more

  1. Service management as a practice
  2. The ITIL service lifecycle
  3. Generic concepts and definitions
  4. Key principles and models
  5. Selected processes
  6. Selected functions
  7. Selected roles
  8. Technology and architecture


ITIL Intermediate (Specialized IT engineers)

The ITIL Intermediate is a specialized set of certifications that include a deep understanding of all processes and practices that were briefly discussed in the foundation course. There are two different approaches – modules – to the ITIl Intermediate, each of a different focus.

ITIL Lifecycle Module

This module focuses on executing and implementing a complete stage of service lifecycle. It consists of five certifications each covers one phase of the life cycle.

  1. Service strategy read more
  2. Service design read more
  3. Service transition read more
  4. Service operation) read more
  5. Continual service improvement (CSI)
    read more

ITIL Capability Module

This module focuses on improving and implementing existing related processes. It consists of four certifications that provide a deep understanding of the inputs, activities, concepts, metrics and outputs of each ITIL process and function. They also provide a wide view on how to apply these processes and how they act in response to one another.

  1. Service offerings and agreements (SOA)
    read more
  2. Planning, performance, and optimization (PPO) read more
  3. Release, control, and validation (RCV)
    read more
  4. Operation support and analysis (OSA)
    read more

Final Step

ITIL Expert (Leaders, managers and supervisors)

Managing Across the Lifecycle Certification (MALC) –  ITIL Expert

This certification is given to candidates who have achieved all the previous ITIL certifications and demonstrate a superior knowledge and wide expertise in the ITIL best practices. read more

  1. Key concepts of the service lifecycle
  2. Communication and stakeholder management
  3. Integrating service management processes across the service lifecycle
  4. Managing services across the service lifecycle
  5. Governance and organization
  6. Measurement
  7. Implementing and improving service management capability