Intranet portal

Collaborative platform helps a company and internal users to manage its data, applications, and information more easily in one place.

Empower employees with all the information they need in one place. SharePoint Intranet Portal is the organizational hub for your company to access everything to do business successfully. Looking for the latest company news, check the Events, Task assignment, Holiday calendar, meeting room availability, BI report, Document library, Search for skills in the Employee Directory search for skills in the Employee Directory and survey vote. All in one place.


Intranet portals provide value-added capabilities such as managing workflows, increasing collaboration between work groups, and allowing content creators to self-publish their information.

It’s easy to be proactive when top management, department heads and employees all have one site where they can go to access the information and tools that are essential to their jobs.

Improve processes by automating cross-departmental workflows, and eliminate unnecessary steps so you can deliver your product or service faster and more effectively

Publish memos, news, and announcements on your intranet portal.

Intranet portal allows employees from different departments, teams and locations to find and connect with each other easily one place.

Intranet portal provides a safer place to share information and documents. It can eliminate the risks of sharing data by email.

Provide a front-end for your accounts, customer database and other business systems.

Our technologies

Analysis, gather and design of data according to business. Digitize Flow offers the best intranet portal in the market using Microsoft SharePoint (on premises & online) for the Intranet Portal creation and customization.